Don't Drive With Bad Brakes

Choose our brake repair shop in Callicoon, NY

Squealing brakes are more than just annoying-they're a sign of a serious car problem. If you're ready to put a stop to brake issues, visit Roche's Garage today. The mechanics at our auto shop in Callicoon, NY specialize in brake repair. Whether you need a quick fix or significant repairs, you can trust us to help.

We'll find and fix the cause of the squeal to make sure that you're safe behind the wheel. Call us at 845-887-5150 now to schedule brake service at our auto repair shop in Callicoon, NY.

3 signs you need new brakes

3 signs you need new brakes

Concerned about your vehicle's brakes? Bring your car to our brake repair shop in Callicoon, NY today. We're equipped to fix most makes and models of vehicles. Your brakes might be going out if:

  • You have to push the brake pedal harder than normal to stop your car.
  • You notice your car pulls to one side when you tap the brakes.
  • You hear grinding or your car vibrates when you pump the brakes.
No matter what the issue might be, you can depend on our auto repair pros to handle it. Contact Roche's Garage today to learn more about our brake repair services.